Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something positive from the right wing

In the same spirit as the Gratuitous Bitch entry, I'm also going to look for something from the right which I can advocate, in whole or in part. I imagine it will usually be "in part," since I am in most cases a liberal. In such cases, I'll distinguish what seems useful and valid from what doesn't, but the goal will be finding something from the right that has something like "universal political value."

It will be quite helpful if anyone would send me links to articles which seem to meet the above criteria. I will seek them out myself, but it will help me to keep the blog consistent if I can get tips from others. I'm pretty good at finding what's positive in most anything anyone writes, so I think it'd be rare that I'd reject an article anyone tipped me off about-- I expect I'll eventually get hyper right wing stuff sent for the purpose of busting my chops-- but other than that stuff, I'll usually post.

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