Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Okay-- to any who have navigated here and are wondering what this is about-- I'm getting into it again now; hope to have it going regularly in the next week or two. I'm interested in a lot of what's in the news now-- issues of race, social policy, and the future of the United States as the nation moves towards being one without a white majority, or any majority. I view this as a positive development but I also understand the nation is going to go through pains to adjust to this new reality. That will be a major focus of what I'm going to blog about.

Related issues will be immigration-- particularly immigration from Latin America; the relationship between the United States and the Islamic World; and issues related to American History.

I have a politically liberal view of the past and the future, but I am not someone who believes America's past is entirely devoid of virtue, and neither am I one who believes there is no future for white Americans. Come on back and you'll get a chance to see what I'm going to deal with here.

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