Friday, January 14, 2011

GOP to Meet to Discuss Outreach to Latinos

I have to say I'll be interested to see what they come up with on this. They're making a smart, but obvious move by having the event in Florida, since Cuban Americans have always leaned right politically. It's also true that no segment of Latino Americans, not even Mexican Americans, are as reliably democratic as are, say, Black Americans, though considering how different the histories of the two groups are from each other, this is unsurprising. Still, as a total entity, Latino Americans definitely tilt left, and even when the GOP has a good year, it garners maybe 40% of the cohort's votes.

Much in the whole immigration debate is more nuanced than many realize, and since I've been preparing a comprehensive piece of the DREAM Act and the larger issue of immigration reform, for now I'll simply note that I chuckle as I wonder what they're planning to talk about in Florida; for me, it's one of those "I don't envy them that" situations.

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