Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Post Election View

I agree with the POV attributed to Speaker Pelosi in this Washington Post article by Perry Bacon, Jr. that the recession is what ultimately authored the results of this last election, in the sense that if we had removed that factor, there would have been minimal or perhaps no Democratic losses, BUT, there WAS a recession, and no matter how you might otherwise slice it, the voters HAVE blamed our side for our real failures and also for our failure to improve things more than we have. It doesn't bother me for a micro second to say that the voters may have been wrong to do so, and while it's a useful bit of campaign rhetoric to say so, it's hardly incorrect to note that throughout our history, the voters often HAVE been wrong-- this is in part why we allow presidents four year terms; their attempts at solution often will NOT bear fruit as quickly as the people want and need to receive it. However, there were many reasons the voters voted as they did, and not all of them can have been without merit.

So I reiterate my belief-- we should learn what we can from this vote, move cautiously and smartly-- but without hesitation-- to the center. Then let the improving employment situation and broader economy, enable us to win back the center. THEN, we gain both reelection in 2012, take back the House, and with power firmly back in the hands of what will then be a seasoned and humbled and prepared president, we decide what we really want out of this era.

And one last thing-- Shut up with this talk-- even rumored-- of primary challenges in two years. I mean, it's anyone's right to do it-- but such a candidate and his or her backers will NOT win, will NOT strengthen the president, and will NOT improve anything for anyone in this nation by doing so.

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