Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Virginia Beach GOP Chair resigns after joke comparing blacks to dogs

And he covered a few other bases by including a crack about welfare, laziness, failure to speak English, and in an especial show of class, said his  dog deserved welface because "he has no clue who his daddy is."

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the right wing bitches when it's accused of being racist, or of harboring and fostering racism within its ranks. And  yet, until the end of the summer when the election season arrived, I heard more racist bigotry this past year than I may have in my entire life. Much of it was from the Tea Party, some from  people on the right not precisely involved in that movement, though as some have observed, the Tea Party and the right wing are pretty much one and the same now. I believe there are some on the right wing who are tolerant-- relative to the rest of the right, anyway-- but it bothers me a ton that they didn't consider confront the racists in their midst until they had something to lose if their members were to be filmed or recorded saying things like the vile joke in this email.

These are an ugly and astonishingly selfish group of people.

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